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Gunnar Roadie Frame

Gunnar Roadie Frame
The Roadie in Custom Red/Black Fade.


Fast and boasting a wonderful ride, Gunnar's Roadie is a long-term frame ideal for club riding, weekend cruises, fitness, racing, and everything in-between! The Roadie's nimble geometry puts you in an aggressive, efficient position with tight handling and quick steering. And thanks to the air-hardened steel tubing you'll enjoy the wonderful ride characteristics of steel with plenty of sprinting response and descending prowess. Plus, the Roadie even accepts up to 25c-wide tires and a rear rack should you chose to hit the road loaded up for adventure.

One of the great things about purchasing a Gunnar is the option of making it unique with custom options. You may choose from an expansive color palette and even have the option of employing special effects like color fades, masking, S&S couplers, and special textures. Contact us for details and pricing.


Frame Gunnar heat-treated, air-hardened chromoly, custom mix per size

* Subject to change without notice.